Ryan T. Allen

Ryan T Allen HBS



"Algorithm-Augmented Work and Domain Experience: The Countervailing Forces of Ability and Aversion" with Raj Choudhury. 2022. Organization Science 33(1), 149-169.

**"Best PhD Student Paper" at SMS conference 2020

"A Spanner in the Works: Category-Spanning Entrants and Audience Valuation of Incumbents" with Rory McDonald. 2021. Strategy Science.

"Machine Learning for Pattern Discovery in Management Research" with Raj Choudhury and Michael Endres. 2021. Strategic Management Journal 42(1), 30-57.

"From Local Modification to Global Innovation: How Research Units in Emerging Economies Innovate for the World" with Shad Morris, James Oldroyd, Daniel Chng, and Jian Han. 2023. Journal of International Business Studies.

Working Papers

"Methodological Pluralism and Innovation in Data-Driven Organizations" with Rory McDonald. Revise and Resubmit at Administrative Science Quarterly

** "Best Paper" at Strategy Science Conference 2022
** "Best Paper" at Wharton Innovation Doctoral Symposium 2022

"Market Size Inversion: How Diffusion Dynamics Invert Market Size Expectations for Novel Products"

"The Limits of Experimentation for Product Innovation in Homogenous User Communities" with Rory McDonald and Rob Bremner.

Other Works in Progress

"Data-driven Decision-making and Organizational Hierarchy" with Kramer Quist.

"Sequencing Entrepreneurial Scaling" with Aticus Peterson

"Roll the dice: Observable endowments that predict who joins the Unicorn Club" with Suresh Kotha, Ben Hallen, Sung Ho Park, and Joseph Shin